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Green Contractor

We're able to estimate your Milwaukee or Waukesha roofing project costs much more accurately than the competition. How? Because we use the latest in imaging technology! We can draw/measure your roof to the nearest foot with all the angles, valleys, areas, and so on from our eyes in the sky! This also means less waste, helping to protect our environment.


The environment matters a lot to Evansen Builders, LLC such that we are CERTIFIED GREEN ROOFING CONTRACTORS by GAF and Owens Corning. Being an environmental leader and taking such steps as making sure all that waste, all those many tons of old shingles coming off the roof, are properly recycled to go back into roads.


The asphalt that goes into roofing shingles is a typically higher grade of asphalt that normally goes into roads, so it is very coveted for that purpose. We do not dispose roofing waste into landfills, we believe in recycling and being earth friendly.

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